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New Egnater amps : Renegade

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* 5 x 12AX7
* 2 x 6L6
* 2 x EL34

Renegade-50 Features
* 50-Watt Tube Amp
* Two Independent Channels Each With:
* Volume, Gain, 3-Band EQ
* Tight and Bright Voicing Switches
* 10w/50w Wattage Selector Switch
* Tube Mix Knob Blends 6L6 and EL34 Power Tubes
* Master Controls:
* Presence & Density
* Reverb with Level Setting for Each Channel
* Main and Secondary Master Volume * Rugged Four-Button Footswitch
* Assign the REVERB, EFFECTS LOOP and MAIN 2 Volume to just Channel 1, just Channel 2 or both using small switches right on the pedal
* Simple master bias adjust with test points
* Effects Loop
* Cabinet Voiced Line / Recording Out Using XLR / 1/4" Combo Connector
* 100V / 115V / 230V Voltage Selector
* Rugged Birch Construction
* Heavy Duty Cover Included

Egnater Custom Amplification
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What?!? I even replied! :lol:

But, but... I have pics and specs now! :D
I didn't see your thread so I'll go with this one. :lol:


I just bought an amp but luckily I got it cheap enough that I can probably turn it for a profit. :D
are these going to sound in-line with the already-in-production egnaters?
Sounds interesting. I tried a Brunetti Pirata with the valve mix option a while back, which had some fantastic tones.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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