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**Update** 2 \m/

So now one guitar has turned into two :D

Dave got in some BEAUTIFUL maple tops and some very nicely figured mahogany cuts so i just had to pull the trigger and order a second body (this will be replacing my current 7621 / using the existing neck but he will be cutting out a matching head stock), down the line i will ask him to build me a neck for it too, but this should do for now..

Some photos of the top (this will be a drop top following the same body contour as the 7621)
(sorry for the poor image quality, i will need to bring a real camera in next time; and not my crappy cell phone)


The Ebony / Swamp ash is turning out very nicely..

It is not a drop top, and does not follow the front contour of the 7621 but will be flat (like my kxk), i hope this makes sense.. here are some progress pics

Front is turning out so sexy!!

Back (contour cuts are not done yet)

Im so pumped, Dave is estimating both will be done by the first week of September, i think the next step is that i will be selling all of my guitars to fund some more of these (thinking of a Charvel start style made with KOA / and something similar to the Washburn N4 but a 7 string)




Fuck yes update, just got an update pic from Dave Preston.. going into the shop tomorrow for more pics :)

What do you guys think??


So im waiting for my neck to get finished up from 2018, in the meanwhile here are some photos of the body my friend Dave and I started today.

My friend Dave (Dave Preston guitars) is building this baby for me, the coolest part is i get to watch him (and bug him with questions) every step of the way.

Here are the spec of the body:
*2 piece swamp ash body
*1/4th inch ebony top
*UV style input jack
*Dimazro EVO + Liquifire pups
*No binding
*Propriety see clear coat finish Dave uses.

What do you guys think so far?

The top:

(I put the cut out on backwards, sorry about that)

The Body

At this point all i can say is I'm very excited, i just hope Courtney comes through with my neck :\

But the build time for this body is going to be about a month or so, and hopefully i learn something about building guitars!

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What are you going to do about that gap in the center of the top? Some of it will get routed away for the pups and the neck pocket, but it looks like a big part of that will be in between the pickups.
Only the first pic shows the top actually glued, the rest of the pics aren't glued. I don't see a gap on the first pic, all I see is some glue squeeze-out.
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