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Hi, I would love to hear from any of you that have an Ibanez Roadstar II. My first electric guitar was a 1983 RS 100. I now have two, a 1984 RS 430 and an 85 RG 110. I check Reverb daily looking to see what Roadstar II’s are newly listed.

Earlier this year I got these..
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The black one I scored as non functional for 300 shipped. Turns out it was quite an easy fix. Just needed the push/push cleaned up, and had a founding issue with the jack.

The green one, I paid the seller’s full asking price as it was in excellent condition, and this was the guitar I actually wanted when my parent’s bought me my first electric in 1983. Barely a scratch on it.

My first electric was one of these RS 100’s with a plywood body. And fake photo woodgrain. It was about 100 bucks at the time. I traded it to a friend after I got my first real Fender Strat.
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