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Guys, he's not making a master song here. It's a scratch recording to cement his idea.

One thing that drives me NUTS is how when people post stuff, every time it seems like all the amateur Andy Sneaps come out of the wood work offering mixing advice. Great, if that's what you're looking for. But sometimes people just like to share ideas.
Bob, insightful comment, however I think your font might not have been the most appropriate for this message. Have you considered a serif font? Wingdings might be a little too over the top, but I suppose it would be worth a try. Also, I think it might pop off the page a little better if you changed from size 10 to size 11.5. And, I notice a curious lack of italics here - italicizing "master" in the first sentence could really add a bit of punch and impact to your point.

Oevrall, not bad for a first pass, though! :yesway:

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