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New Pickups for my Carvin or Eric needs a soldering iron now!

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So here is my Carvin Bolt T in her current state.

Here's the new loaded up pickguard that's going in her. It's from Pete Biltoft at Vintage Vibe Guitars, who did my humbucker sized seven string P-90s. It's has SP-90 single coils in the neck and middle and a H540-42 humbucker that's 10% overwound in the bridge. The knobs are a master volume and a tone for the singles and one for the humbucker and a standard five way switch..

Here's a gratuitous butt shot.

Here's the knobs and screws that go with it.

I also got a spare set of magnets with the pickups. It has Alnico V installed and I asked for Alnico III as a back up set though you can request Alnico II or Ceramic VIII. The pickups are are designed for easy magnet swapping so I might pick up some Alnico VIII or Alnico IV magnets as well just for giggles.

For those who care I got my receipt for this order and Pete started work on May 22 and it arrived at my house on June 1. Not bad considering I had Carvin ship him a new pickguard, to ensure it would fit. Not including the cost of the new pickguard it ran me $295.
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The Dark Wolf said:
Fucking ace. :yesway:

Why do I love Strat-type guitars so much?
Because you are a man of impeccable intelligence and taste.

stitch is an ass munching mag.
Here's some pickups of the old girl all dressed up and pretty. Ignore the mess on Leon's balcony. Roofers had invaded Leonland were spreading carnage everywhere. :lol:

I need to play it more before I can tell you how the new pickups sound. My trip to Leon's was pretty short because Leon had a gig with his dad tonight(which is good stuff) so I haven't played the guitar enough to give a decent opinion.

Specs on the guitar in case you're curious are an alder body, maple neck with an ebony board, a recessed Wilkinson VS 100 tremolo, Sperzel locking tuners and a graphite nut.

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Clips will be a while as I am light on recording gear and quite frankly I've barely played guitar this year. The hospital stay/surgery/recovery has kept my hands off of any guitars this year. So until I can play at a non-humiliating level I won't do clips soon.

I have played it enough to say all three pickups are really clear and punchy, which with a Strat is a good thing. I am still tweaking pickup heights so I'm not going to give a final verdict yet. One really awesome thing is the tone knobs kick ass. usually I just leave the damn things on ten but these go from and almost no tone knob sound to an almost muted jazzy sound. I like them a lot.
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