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New Satriani song, "Light Years Away"

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This is more impressive than what I heard off his last album (Professor No-one-gives-a-fuck etc...) and I actually dig the fuck out of the groove it's got

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That was far better than anything from Satchafunkashit, but it's about 2 minutes too long - this one strikes me as a better live track than an album one - that said, it's still fucking good.
I can easily imagine Billy Gibbons vocals on this track :yesway:

Not FLOORED, but not bad. I dig the first two riffs. The octave melody I'm not so big on - it sounds a bit, eh... Sort of predictably Satch. "I'm going to play a blues lick, toss in an outside note for color, and call it a melody." Solo's interesting, and I REALLY like the background whammy pedal part in the outro, that's a really cool arrangement touch.

It has potential. :yesway:
Not bad. I'll wait until the CD is out and see how it fairs as a whole.
My favorite part is the ambient section at about 1:30. I wish he'd do more adventurous stuff like that. Overall, this track bodes well for the new album.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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