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Been quiet lately, but still busy with post production with 2 different releases I'm involved in. Tough this week I managed a bit of a haul.

First the new pickups:

Initially I had the SD Broadcasters in mind for the Talman tele, but the AU Duncan distributors have been all over the place with order delays. After getting the BKPs on my Xiphos, I'd thought I'd help the store I frequent with more BKP sales and got "The Boss" set installed instead. Quite fun pickups actually, a lot of that hot 60s bite without going overboard, which is exactly what I want in a Tele.

Next was my first order from Sweetwater.

With all my current SD distribution woes, I still insisted on getting the Antiquity 2 Surfer set for my Talman strat. I don't order online too often because I've been trying to bar those floodgates for a long time now... :lol: I finally caved and got the set from Sweetwater. The candy was nice too. They're currently being installed in the Talman strat as this is posted.

Now pedals:

I've had the OC2 for ages, but was always intrigued by the OC3 and it's extra gimmicks. Held back for years until today to get one. The new features are actually pretty fun. The drive gives that old MXR Blue Box sound and even does the octafuzz up octave if you so much as look at it funny. And the Poly feature is awesome for unaccompanied strum moments or if you want instant Justice For All type tone to spite your bassist.

Pedal 2:

Skreddy is a company I've been eying for a while and always wanted one of their fuzz pedals. I narrowed it down to either the Ernie or BC239, and since the former wasn't available, the latter won. The BC239 may not be too full on for say doom tones, but it's not far off. What it does great though is that 60s-70s sweet lead tone like the old fuzz faces of the time. I was going full David Gilmour for 20 minutes on this thing. I've got a session coming up to do Fugazi meets Luna Sea style post punk and I'm definitely bringing this along.
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