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Here's one more I snagged because I was hypnotized by the awesome BLUE.
Barrington guitars were based out of Illinois tho the guitars were made in Japan. Not much info on them besides that they had a lower level guitar series called FOXXE and they may have possibly been bought up by Kramer.

True metallic blue
Mahogany with maple top
Maple neck through
Ebony fretboard (which is always nice)
Gold hardware
Gotoh Floyd
EMG 81-85 combo (not original)
lovely skull knobs (not original either obviously)

Not bad for only 550 USD when it listed in '88 for 1600 USD.


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Jack Secret said:
Made by ESP in Japan you should say. Very nice. :)
Is it ESP that made them? Couldn't find much info on Barrington but heard from my tech that they were sold to Kramer at their end.
Barrington was a sax company, they contracted out for the guitars. I had a Foxxe a long long time ago. :)
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