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Here's my new Bunker Treker Custom, built by Dave Bunker who also did the last wave of Ibanez USA customs. Alder body with quilted maple top, beautiful maple neck, Floyd Rose, Schaller tuners, Duncan pickups (which are coming out for some creme DiMarzio's) and the "tension free neck" that was the big deal of the Ibanez USRG 10 - 30 series. Unlock the neck, pull out from the headstock, make your adjustments (or whack someone with the bar), re-insert, lock it up... no muss, no fuss. Hell, this is basically a re-do of the USRG30 which is a fantastic guitar. Just waiting for my Swirlnick body and neck so I can put that one together.

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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