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Well... I put together an Ibby 7 (can be seen here).

I was bored of it, so I decided to re-build it.

Now, specs:
RG7621 Neck with custom abalone inlays
RG7321 Body
Shitty, ugly hardware
Stock neck pickup
BKP Nailbomb (Burnt Chrome)
Darkened fretboard
"Fake" binding

The fretboard is "darkened" as I went to ebonize it but... After a single coat it wasn't fully dark, just a very beautiful and rich dark color. I couldn't bring myself to doing the second coat and I'm glad I didn't. This fretboard looks great.

Oh... And did I mention this thing is strung .90 to .015 and tuned to F standard?

Sorry for the crosspost. :)

Other things of note.

Routes got a little jacked up as the paint settled, I didn't feel like sanding as I sanded all day at work. :lol:

I have an Ibanez decal on the way. :)

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Damn James nice tasteful looks on the guitar. I'm guessing you like the stock neck pickup? I was going to suggest get a matching neck pickup.

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I Honestly wouldn't mind owning it though :lol: But I don't really have any money free right now and I don't think you'd want to sell it yet :lol:
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