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From the evolutionary minds of Bernie and myself comes the latest and greatest out of his shop in Hesperia, CA: The Jekyll 727S "slim" !!!

- 7 String
- Mahogany body wings
- Mahogany neck-thru, 17mm @ 1st, 19mm @ 12th
- Body 1.25" contour to .5" (sort of like Ibanez Sabers)
- 26 3/16" Scale
- Ebony fretboard
- 27 Stainless steel frets (6100-ish)
- Metallic Purple finish
- In-line reversed headstock
- Side dots only
- White binding on neck/headstock
- Dimarzio Crunch Lab/Liquifire, Direct mounted
- Kahler Pro
- Sperzel locking tuners
- 1 volume, 3-way petrucci toggle, 2-way coil split
- Lipstick jack
- All Black Hardware
- Tuned to A-standard 10-56

It is truly a marvel of handmade guitar art. The guitar quality is impeccable!

I will admit I waited many months longer then promised. But in the end, the wait was worth it, and the wait was still shorter then any other custom shop I know of.

BIGGG shoutout to my good friend Nick (the axe palace) as he MAJORLY hooked it up. He and Rico originally collaborated for the "slim line" design, I just took it a step further :)

The guitar sounds phenominal, and that is with the stock Dimarzios (which are good to many, but I would say bare knuckles surpass them in many ways.) You'll see what I mean by the brief tone demo in the youtube video. The guitar is very well balanced, I feel that the slightly extended scale combined with the 7 strings makes for this to be possible. I personally have never owned a guitar with a Kahler, but the tremolo is very smooth, responsive, little to no sustain issues, and is awesome that it didnt route through the entire body. It also (outside ibanez tremolos) is the highest quality tremolo I've ever seen! I love sperzels, and those are as expected, as far as being high quality and lightweight. Being a thin guitar (very thin!) it is super light weight, mahogany contributing to this factor, but it sounds FAR from thin. It can be super tight and djenty when I want, but sounds completely monstrous, regardless of the thin factor, which I contribute to the mahogany construction and little body routing.

The finish is amazing. The metallic purple sparkles similarly to the new JPX it seems, and is glossy as hell - like a car finish or something. Super nice. Fit and finish of everything else is as expected from Mr. Rico. The guy just knows his shit. (He managed to get a SUPER dark piece of ebony. its awesome!!!) Action was great out of the box, tremolo and tuning super stable (more then any floyd out of the box...)

Unfortunately the guitar is with my tech right now undergoing some minor surgery, as it awaits the installation of these bkp covered coldsweats (which I am proud of and super-psyched to hear) and needs some very minor routing done in order to fit (professionally/perfectly of course):

Now here are some preliminary photos/video I have done while I await the guitar's final build specs :yesway:
I plan to update this thread on its return from my tech.
But first...some music to set the mood :agreed:

(sorry for any lack of photography skill/good lighting. the awesome metallic purple is near impossible to capture)

Body Thickness:

Neck Thickness:

Couple shitty in-case pics:

(don't mind the audio/video quality, was recorded with an onboard webcam, when the new pickups are installed, I will have a higher quality video)


Let me know what you guys think :wavey:

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by far, the nicest Rico i've seen. the "slim" version of the Jekyll is just amazing looking.

spec wise, your guitar is pretty much perfect for me too. 7 strings, purple and a kahler. what more could you want? :agreed:

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I'm sorry, but those Bareknuckles aren't going to work with that finish at ALL. :lol: I'd think brushed nickel, if anything, or even burnt chrome with that purple, but...

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:shrug: To each their own, indeed. I could see those working in maybe an oiled mahogany guitar, but purple? Eh, whatever makes you happy.
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