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NGD: Carvin DC700

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Decided to dive head first into the Carvin/Kiesel custom shop bandwagon. A buddy of mine kept hounding me about trying out their guitars, that I might be surprised at how good they are. For a long time I thought they were just plain ugly. No offense to the 727 owners out there, I just don't like rounded edges.
So I ordered up a DC700 as my first. I was a bit aprehensive about the necks being to fat so I opted for the "thinner" neck option. Here are the rest of the specs....

Mahogany wings
5-piece maple/mahogany neck
spalted maple top
Original Floyd Rose
Kiesel lithium pickups
ebony fretboard
stainless steel med/jumbo frets
3-way toggle w/single vol

Pretty simple build and that's what I was aiming for. I'm so tired of blade switches I couldn't bear to have another on a guitar. What I'm most impressed with are the pickups. The low end is tight like a BKP and the high end reminds me of an evo 7. Will pretty much cut through anything. Been playing it a lot as my fingers are sore as hell. Then neck is very comfy, like the fatter wizzard 7's that you find nowadays.

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Damn, I wish I could play one of these...looks beautiful!!
that's a sweet looking guitar man, excellent choices all around!
i agree with you on the rounded edges, i don't like them either,
this guitar looks killer, congrats man!
Great looking ride man. :yesway:
Tasty looking axe
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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