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So here it is finally guys!
My Decibel Javelin is finally ready! (or mostly so!)
Darren worked hard to have it ready by the time we played the Mod Club in Toronto last night, and he just barely got it done (no thanks to the hardware he ordered arriving a week late) so the strings hadnt been on the guitar even 24 hours by the time the guitar hit the stage!

As a result i cant hold onto it just yet as there is still a bit of tweaking that Darren wants to do and he wants to let the guitar set and adjust for the next few weeks before sending her off to me, but MY GOD i loved it.

Playing a new guitar in our set on the spot can be nervewracking, but good lord this guitar sounded and played like what i was hoping for, everything was where it should be, and it felt so natural just jumping in. And the tone, good lord! So aggressive, and yet so clear and tight, the low strings just jump out and attack you and sound so full. And the high strings are bright in a chimey but not shrill or overbearing way.
Definitely a guitar that reacts so well to hard picking, which is something that i love.
I had wanted this as a live guitar, but with the way it sounds, it may end up on recordings as well!

Anyways here are some specs and pics for you to enjoy!

Body Figured South American mahogany
Neck Roasted curly maple, 3-piece with 2 figured mahogany stringers; scarf-jointed roasted curly maple headstock
Fretboard Roasted curly maple, 16″ to 20″ compound radius, 25.5″ scale, 24 jumbo stainless steel frets
* Bare Knuckle Aftermath 7 calibrated set with distressed covers
* Free-Way 6-position toggle switch (gold plated) (bottom 3 hum, top 3 single w/ middle inner coils)
* Bourns Premium master volume 500k pot
* Kill switch (heavy-duty, momentary, gold plated)
* Recessed locking Neutrik output jack with gold contacts
* All interconnects made with RoHS-compliant lead-free solder and teflon-coated wire
Bridge: recessed Hipshot flat-mount fixed 7 (gold plated)
Bridge Saddles: Babicz Full Contact Hardware or GraphTech (Graphtech on there currently, lets see if Babicz sends us that extra saddle we need!)
Tuners: Hipshot Grip-Lock (gold plated)
Nut: GraphTech Tusq XL


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Jesus Darren, that's ridiculously awesome. Why, I remember when you were just a young man, tinkering with making guitars. Now you're all grown up.

EDIT Congrats to Bulb too, of course. You actually have the pleasure of owning that fine beast.

Dream Crusher
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Very unique, very aerodynamic, and the perfect blend of organic and mechanical :yesway:
Dare I say... organical? :D

That looks awesome! Also love the engraved carbon fiber cavity cover.

I'm interested to see that you went with hex screws for the cavity cover, Darren. Any particular reason? Usually it's easier to find a Philips or standard screwdriver on the gig.
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