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So I was looking to replace an Edwards I used to have when I saw this, and I haven't had a 7 in years, so I figured it was time.


BODY: Alder
NECK: Hard Maple
FINGERBOARD: Pau FerroC 24frets
FRETS: #216
INLAY: Pearloid Dot
SCALE: 648mm
NUT: Locknut (R7S/48mm)
JOINT: Bolt-on (Star Cut)
BRIDGE: Floyd Rose 7st (FRT-1000)
PICKUPS: (Neck) EMG 707TWC (Bridge) EMG 707
CONTROL: Master Volume, Master Tone, 3WAY Lever PU Selector, Neck PU Single Mode & Direct Switch
COLOR: Vintage Burgundy Mist

I figured as long as it's been since I've had a 7 string it would take some getting used to, but really it was the modern feeling neck and 24 frets that's been tripping me up more than the 7th string. And the setup's not the best, but I'm waiting until I need to change the strings to sort that out.

I have to say, I love the ashtray for the battery instead of it being stuffed in the control cavity and the fact that they didn't put a cover over the trem on the back, because honestly who actually leaves those on?

And since I've seen a bunch of stuff about people not sure about ordering guitars from Japan, I ordered this from Ibeke last Wednesday, they said it wouldn't ship until Monday, and I got it today, 2 days later, in tune.
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