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NGD: Fractal FX8 MkII

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I was really fortunate that work went by so quick today :lol:. I missed the UPS guy and picked it up near my place, and was already diving into making my own preset (board) pretty quick. I want to learn how to edit on the unit, so I haven't set it up with the FX-edit software yet. It is downloaded though :yesway:.
(hopefully that works)

So far I've found that having the manual open has made programming much easier. When I tried the HelixFX with just the cheat sheet it wasn't easy.

Tomorrow the real fun starts as I practice our set for the upcoming tour. I look forward to not wondering what part of my board is causing issues mid set :lol:. I have my necessary sounds set up and I'm hoping to get the scene switching down in the next 3 weeks.
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