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I picked this up off of CL for a ridiculous price.What we have here is a MIJ 1992? RG550. I didn't really "need" it but the allure was too much to resist.In the 24 yrs I've been playing I have never owned a guitar with a maple fretboard.Don't really know why as I have never been against them tone-wise,it just never crossed my mind that I should own one as rosewood suits me fine.Also all of my guitars have had basic colors, white ,red ,blue ,gray ,natural ,sunburst of some sort.This is my first official frOOt.The Pink/Purple pearl flip is actually a real cool color. I might have to consider opening up my color palette a little. It came with a Peavey HSC that doesn't exactly fit but I don't gig so, whatever.

Anyways, as the pics will show it has been somewhat abused but the frets are great, the trem works perfect,the action is nice and low..No buzzing at all..I'll clean it up this weekend and give it a good run through..
Thanks again Craigslist..I'm tickled pink

*broke a string before I took the pics*


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Fuuuuck yes
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