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The monster is complete and has come home! My KxK Sii-8 is done :woot:

28" scale
27 frets
Blank ebony board
Mahogany neck through
Mahogany body wings
Hipshot custom purple anodized aluminum bridge
Custom purple anodized aluminum knob and switch tip
Purple Sperzel tuners
BKP Rebel Yell bridge / VHII neck
Active covers painted to match the body
Purple pearl paint

The upper fret access on this is completely insane, it's a 27 fret eight string and you can literally hit every fret on every string without ever brushing the body

Excuse any dust in the pics, it's that time of year when leaves and dust are everywhere and it was windy so as soon as I'd wipe it something else would blow onto it :lol:


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I think "Grape Crush" is an even better name for it.

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That's awesome and everything, but there's so much we don't know about you.

Let's start with the basics:

What's your favourite colour?
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