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Hi friends, let's start this NGD with a video I've just made, hope you like it!

Of course, some nice pics wouldn't hurt too :cool:

Some words on the guitar: unlike some others, I've received a model that doesn't have any flaws or QC issues, so all I can say is that this is the perfect evolution of the JP model, and has all the specs I could desire in a dream guitar.

Having recently owned a JP7 BFR (sold it just to buy this one) I can honestly say that it was absolutely worth it. At first the flatter 20" radius is a bit awkward but after a minute it's a dream to play.
The neck is definitely thinner, but I don't feel that much of a difference from the previous one. Ebony fretboard, SS frets and a more stable bridge (even the trem cavity is tighter) all contribute to an overall better instrument.
And the finish, oh the finish :) It's so hard to capture it on photo, so cool in person!

I should mention that the guitar arrived not only in tune, but with an exceptional low action and perfect intonation, which is more than rare these days. Now excuse me, I need some more shred :smoking::D
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