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Hello y'all

Now I know how this goes. Pics + story first, so here we go:

(Since there's been some time I got this and now, I can't give you those traditional lock-opening pics, but here have something instead:

Oh look, it's a box. Wonder what's in it? (My current gear, Mesa Dual rec 3 ch (thanks chimpinatux :wavey: + Palmer PGA-04 thanks Uncle Remus :wavey: )

I open the box with my woman (That's our fat cat)

I open the lock with my mind (That's our thin cat)

I open the next lock with my penis (Here, I offer you this chocolate to enjoy while reading my post. You can have the crumbs too, if you like)

I open the last lock with a fine for indecent exposure (No matter how in the ass-end of Yurop Finland is, we have Dr. Pepper!)

Well... hellowe you.... You're nice, but I'm gonna make you dazzling...

This here animated GIF shows the rebirth of this guitar. (Here's a sneek peek for an interesting project I've got coming: I'm gonna take this 150 euro 12-stringer that plays actually quite fine, and change it into a 7-string acoustic. Gonna make a picstory when I get on with the thang. Will involve a new custom made stoptail bridge)

And... voila! The ready, complete renewed UV!

mmmh That is one sexy body you got there, girl

Show me that body a little closer...

Let me get a taste of that beautiful neck, lady... mmh... for a old gal, you sure have a nice, smooth and slim fretting...

Now I like that boot... trem I said trem too... Might though have to work on it a little bit...

Show me that sexy body of yours again...

You must be a parking ticket since you've got fine written all over you...

Sorry, no outdoor photos since it's winter here which means fucking long and dark nights.

Story so far: I got this guitar already some while ago from Bekanor (hi thar :wavey: ) but had it here for a hold since I was waiting on my parts, which took longer than expected. No biggie though, since I got them finally ( thanks Zimbloth :wavey: ).

So, what we have here is a 2000 UV777PBK. Modded, yeah, and as far as I'm concerned (and being the owner, that's enough :rofl: ) for the better. What we have different from the standard version is exactly:
- Pickguard: B/W/B from Jeannie. Fits okay but not a perfect match.
- Neck pup: Cold Sweat with added camo cover.
- Bridge pup: Aftermath, camo cover again.
- Wiring: Went little bits haywire with this. Now it goes bridge hum - bridge hum + single coil phase reversed - bridge coil split - mute - neck hum

The wiring works but needs some more honing. After playing some (only a few hours...) yeah it does work but seems I have some grounding issues, so I'll have to check it out next time I change strings.

But let me tell you, this plays like a dream. Yes, a lot of guitars do that, but this plays like mine. It's smooth, it's resonant and it's clear. Played through my Dual rec (no boosters or whatsoever... yet!) and my PGA-04 I get pretty much the sound I want. Tight, articulate, organic, but also with a ballsy attitude. I like it.

Not much to tell other than that, everyone knows what a UV is. But... let me tell you one thing.

I've been gassing better gear for, like, always. Just wanting that high quality stuff and shit. I played my share of LTD's and schecters and cheaper Ibbies... I played through a GT-10 and Amplitube 2 and such. I never got what I wanted, never felt that despite my gear was good it wasn't high end. And now... well... this is pretty sentimental, but now I'm playing with an UV through an Dual rec. It's the gear, the style and the level of quality that I've been looking for a long time, and now I have it. I'm now at a stage that I can honestly say that for me, my stuff is the shit. I feel touched, now having the stuff I've been gassing for as long as I've known of their existence. It's been worth the wait. I'm happy as a pig in shit.

Just wanted to share that with you guys.

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Good gear, dude. :yesway:

How does the pickup combo sound in the basswood and with that switching config?
I dig the sound. This is the first real amp that I've played with seriously, so take that into count, but from what I've heard now (tee hee) there's no fizzyness in the sound. There's good solid low end and with the right amp settings there's absolutely no boominess. I get a nice even distortion from both pups on the dual rec. The AM doesn't seem to bee this ultra-tight chuggachugga-machine - all the better IMO.

Comparing the AM and the CS, they don't seem to be that far apart from each other. In this guitar with this placing the CS seems to have a bit more rounder appearance with added low end, but that doesn't come out in a negative manner unless I try to play rythm.
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