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to just hold on to guitars I like
I sold my 2 550's and my 560 to pick up a couple of Charvels, but found that I really missed having them around so I spotted this 560 on the bay and scored it for a really good price. I've been lusting for a Grape Ice for a while
so when I saw this one I decided to watch it and the price never really went up so I grabbed it.
The neck shape on this one is killer and it's in really nice condition. I did a full set up on it last night and it shreds.
I'm going to drop in a Gravity storm in the bridge and the 2 rail pickups I grabbed from Alan in the classifieds (cool/vintage).
I've also got the Schaller trem arm assembly to drop in as well, but the bar on this Edge holds pretty nice as is , so I may hold off on that one for a bit.
There was a Teal 550 on the Bay that I held back from bidding on that went
for $390.00 on Friday night, I could kick myself for not grabbing that one too
as it was really pretty clean and had the black head stock which I actually prefer to the matching :(

I've always wondered why the 560 is so less desirable /in demand than the 550's seem to be. Is it because of the Rosewood board? or is H/S/S less desirable than H/S/H ?

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