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Good news, Everyone!
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Picked this up for a project, thought I could make it work. turns out most of the parts are proprietary to EBMM/OLP guitars, and I can't get the parts anywhere, but if you've got an OLP or EBMM JP (Or axis, or silhouette, or whatever), and want a new body for it, this is where to go.

(A fender 2-point synchronized tremolo fits the spacing perfectly)

Neck Pocket is stamped 2008 (Maybe 2003, not sure. I can get super close pics if necessary.), which i THINK makes it a body from one of the 2008 special edition models with the "2008" inlay. Again, not sure.

some tiny scratches on one of the horns and on the lower portion of the side of the guitar, nothing major there. Only major issue is a rather unsightly dent in the body right near the lower strap button. No paint is missing, though, which I found strange.

Let's say, $115 Shipped to your door Conus. International pays $105 + shipping.
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