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I ordered the EH Silencer 3 weeks ago. Back ordered and just showed up
yesterday. So I had a spot on the pedal board all picked out cables ready
to go yadayadayada. Slapped it on the board plugged in the power adapter
and the pedal did not function as the brief instructions and even youtube
vids claimed it should. :scream::scream:
Found out my power supply was not supplying the voltage/amperage
needed. Fixed that problem and then found out I would need to run all
my other pedals (some noisy) through the effects loop of the pedal. Not a
big deal but it sure screwed with my layout. Now I had to order some
specific cables but have a temporary solution in place for now. In the end
I really like how it functions. No more annoying hum and buzz when my
various distortion pedals are on and doesn't really screw with my attack,
tone and overall volume.
Have to admit I ordered this pedal because it was half the price of most
other quality noise gates and still had good reviews. Took some extra tinkering
to get arranged and powered up on my board (w/o battery) but in the end it
does just what the youtube demos claimed and I'm happy with it :cool:
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