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New kid in town, I suppose the title ought to be a dead giveaway:

Obligatory crappy clip test.

Ever since grabbing the RMC Wizard wah, I've been enamored with the Teese line and been eyeing their Joe Walsh signature as an alternative for ages. Finally got it, last model in the store. There were a few dings, which led to a nice discount. Didn't matter to me much as 1: the sound makes up for it, 2: I'm not kind to pedals and I'd probably end up dinging them anyway. And the blue casing with hot rod flames just looks too good.

Sonically, it's less mid/low mid focused like the Wizard, but it's still very throaty and vocal like. For a classic voiced wah, this can cut right through a lot of high gain sounds, which is also a plus.

Definitely a keeper in the stable.
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