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My precious (i.e. Schecter KM-6) came with a set of Schecter Apocalypse USAIIs which surprised me with how good they sound. While I'd intended on replacing them right away, I actually liked 'em enough to keep 'em in the guitar and even did a few SAWs with 'em.

But, they just lacked that little extra oomph I got out of the Elysian Trident II in my 91 540S. So, when Father's day rolled around and my beautiful wife and awesome son asked what I wanted, Adam got some more money.

They showed up Friday and I was going to install them Saturday, but then we got hit with a hurricane and I didn't want to be mid install and have the power go out, so I waited until yesterday to drop 'em in.

For the bridge, I got another custom made Trident II and to match it I went with his economy line Hellfire Trident II in the neck.

Haven't had a ton of time to tweak a new sound profile for 'em in the Helix, but ran with the one I had for the 540S to check the bridge and it sounded great right off the bat. Then used a factory preset for the neck and it's immediately my favorite 6-string neck pup.

Now I'm ready for the next SAW... let's go!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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