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Finally!!! my sound came out of my orange cab!!!

I got my rivera with JJ 6L6's about a year ago, ordered it with those because a friend's

recommendation(do not listen to mesa fan boys!!! lol).

These are JJ e34l's, but these were tested by rivera, so you can be sure they wont blow

after 3 weeks or something.

And what do I actually think about the sound differences?

- Definately more mids, the mids botton was previously on 7 and even than it still sounded abit scooped, now it's on 5 and I'm having all the mids I need.

- Theres definately more crunch to the sound, sounds alot more like a marshall now(how surprising), but a marshall with balls, just gives a high mid response I was missing and could never achieve before.

- I dont use my maxon od-9 for now with rhythms, I just like it alot better by itself without the boost, sounds alot more tighter and defined than the 6L6's, I simply couldnt play the amp without a boost when using it with 6L6's.

- The leads are less creamy now and alternate picking sounds less petrucci'sh,
it has a different vibe to it, and although I'm playing leads and solos all day long,
I'm salot less picky on my lead tone, sounds good to me still, just different.

- For some reason it sounds\feels like these tubes have more gain, hence why I also dont use the maxon, it just adds too much gain and compresses the sound completely.

- Clean channel sounds less full to me, but it's still sounding great, we do use cleans in our band and while it's alittle less better than with the 6L6's, it's still a truely great clean channel that I'm very happy with.

- Theres a certain buzz to the 6L6's on the gain channels that's now gone, I hear that kind of buzz on mesa's too, I like it alot better without it.


I'm really satisfied with these tubes, the leads may be different, the cleans are abit less impressive with less bottom end, but my rhythm tone never sounded so rich and full and thats my main gripe with high gain amps.

I was really sat on selling this amp for an axe fx, while an axe may work, this amp now satisfies me completely and I just dont feel the need to play on anything else.

Hope this gives anyone here a good explanation of the difference between these 2 popular tubes.



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I had no clue you could switch from 6l6's to e34l's. :eek:
congrats man :cheers:
You can run an E34L in anything that can take an EL34. Presumably the Rivera could be biased to take either...
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