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Well I just got this bad boy as a result of a grand trade with Adam (who is the man by the way). Had to thin out the herd a bit, but for this one it's more than worth it. It is the nicest guitar I have ever played. The tone is superb in every single way. Fit and finish is amazing and depite the fact it's nearly 10 years old it looks 99.8% brand friggin new.
Here are the specs:
Custom 22
Finished 6/26/2001
Figured Maple Artist Grade Top
Wide/Fat Mahogany Neck
East Indian Rosewood Fretboard
Paua Bird Inlay
PRS Tremolo
Tortoise Shell Color
Gold Hardware
Dragon II pickups
5 way rotary switch
Oh pics you ask?


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congrats :yesway:

i also recently got a mint prs custom 22, which i've fallen in love with :wub:
the dragon II PUs are really fucking cool, too. like the perfect blend between a vintage PAF and a hotter modern sounding pickup

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What are those little protrusions on the tuners?
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