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One Camera, One Mic, No Cuts, Six Guys

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From the thread title I was kinda expecting some dodgy porno! :lol:
I figured it was going to be more about metal mayhem, not uncircumsiced gayporn...but i was happily surprised. That dude can project and sing!! Nice dynamics, i love how the tune moves so much in a short period of time. You guys are tight. Not my usual stuff, but it fits my late night mood right now. Been listening to metal in the car all day and this was cool
Not my band, wish it was :lol: These guys rule. Their live show is basically this but with a hollowbody electric for the singer, and a couple more drums and cymbals :lol: Most fun live band I've ever seen, and they love to busk around the streets when they're on tour.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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