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Opinons on Kahler's

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Hopefully within the next 6 months or so I will be able to afford my next custom order (BRJ Jekyll 727S) and I have really been tempted to opt for a Kahler trem. I have only been able to play one guitar with one a Peavey PDX and I was unable to really mess with it because it was locked down in hardtail mode, but the profile felt awesome and it seems like it is the swiss army knife of trems. I love how you can lock your trem without a T-no and the fact that you match the saddles the the radius of your fretboard without having to deal with shim's like on an OFR. My only concern is it seems like many people complain the they completely drain your guitars sustain and after watching a video on YouTube it seems like they tend to go out of tune after heavy bending. So i guess my question is does anyone have experience a with Kahler , and do they have any issues that have driven you away from them?
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I have always wanted a Kahler, and when I make my partscaster, if I can afford it, it will have a Kahler. The only problem i've seen in them is they like to go out of tune after a lot of bends, but if you do a small dive it goes right back in tune. I haven't tried a guitar with a Kahler unfortunately, so I have no personal experience with them, just what i've seen in videos and reviews. They are extremely adjustable, they take a lot less wood out of the body, and would probably retain a lot of the "tele twang" because of the mass of the bridge. So if you want to put one in a Tele (like me) it may be a better option to retain the tele tone than a Floyd.
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