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This has been sitting on the shelf in my studio for 6 months. It's NEVER been gigged and it has about an hour play time on it total. The amp is in brand new condition. No scratches, no tears in the tolex. Looks like it just came out of the box other then being a little dusty. This is a great little head, I just dont have much use for it as I also own a bunch of other heads. This needs to go to a good home where someone will get some use out of it. This is a GREAT head for those looking to get into tube amps at a really low price. The tone is HUGE, and its plenty loud to use live, its also quiet enough for practicing at home.

This is a great deal on an amazing head!

This model does not have a foot switch because the channels are not selectable via a foot switch. Only the PRO version has that option. To change channels you need to push the button on the front of the amp.

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Price: $300 plus shipping PayPal gift only.

You can check my ebay feed back:
Ebay Username: Guitarguru777

References from the Andy Sneap UM Forum as well
Username: Guitarguru777

Will also take trades for Guitars & Heads
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