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Hey everyone,

So here are the pedals:

Way Huge Green Rhino MK II
Lovepedal Eternity Burst (clone)
Fulltone OCD V1 (clone)
Ibanez TS808 modded for TS9 output (clone)

The clones are all made from a guy called Jerome.

Guitar setup:

Carvin DC700 (maple neck through, yada yada yada, check my NGD for more deatz)
Dimarzio Super Distortion 7 pickup
Kemper: Bogner Uberschall profile

Green Rhino settings: tried to lower the 100hz as its muddy without it.

Green Rhino guts

Eternity burst settings:

E. Burst guts

TS808/9 settings:

TS808/9 guts

OCD V1 settings: 2 audio clips for this pedal. one for LP and the other for HP

OCD V1 guts

No post processing except for a VERY mildd Low pass and high pass (same for all clips) on the guitars

Below is the blind audio test. Let me know which you like best and I'll post up which audio clip is which pedal later on.

*note* two of these clips are the Fulltone OCD V1 clone, 1 of them using the Low peak setting, the other with the High peak setting. The low peak setting doesn't have as much of a mid hump, is more transparent and has less gain.

Cheers. :shred:

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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