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So, the new track "The Longest Winter" is already available on a CD attached to german "Legacy"-Magazine, which I bought of course, and the new track is fucking amazing. It's a perfect song that combines old school and modern Paradise Lost, the riffs rule (i correct: the riff. Singular :lol:) and Nicks growls are better than ever. Greg's tone crushes, I read an interview where he stated that he double tracked with an odl school Sunn Model T and a 5150 IIRC, which would explain why it's so in your face but at the same time gnarly as fuck.

So, and here I wanted to post a youtubevid of the song, which I found 10 minutes ago, aaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone.
Not online anymore. Will update once available again.

If you don't want to could PM me for a hint to Captn Jack Sparrow.

Here's the "teaser" meanwhile.

1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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