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Please share what is on your pedalboard.....I will start...and as you all know I have always been a blackstar guy, spent a bunch of time wondering if I was missing out so I spent a good amount of time looking at other amps, but each and every time I always go back to my Blackstar ID:Core.....Mine went bad and I got another on just this time it's big brother.

Back to my pedal board. I recently settled with the MXR M78 Custom badass and I also reently added the Zoom g1on. I'm using the g1on to experment and find out what I really like and once I get going down the road that I want I will invest in specific higher quality pedals.

So please share your pedal board.

And by the way thank you for being patient with me and thank you for helping me decide on my gear as wde all know how indecisive iam....I'm just that way because I want to get the best gear and i'm always wondering if i could get better gear, anyway thank you and just in case I do not make a post after this one before Christmas, I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and for this next year I hope for you all that none of your gear breaks :) Hste it when that happens to me, it makes me want to throw stuff. Amazingly enough, something you would never guess is that I have had a ton of gear in my day

Oh yea I do have a question too.I don't like the pickups in my has always hated them. I have always planned on swapping them out bit it's always been at the lower end of my list.....I play a 90's Ibanez with a Mahogany Body.....Are there pickups that sound best in that type of wood or specifically on a ibanez? I'm looking just for a bridge pickup, that is all I ever play....I'm looking for a warm,chug type pickups, nothing that has overly treble....With my old Epi Les Paul I have Duncan JB Jazz Pups, would this sound just as good in my ibanez....I'm not making this in the immediate future but I will eventually and the thought just popped in my head as I was writing this post, so just thought I would ask....thank you in advance
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