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On the soundtrack of Homefront:

Its all classic songs. Covered by modern bands. Periphery was probably the most talented of the group, but I didn't like their cover at all. It had none of the balls of the original, and its something that just isn't Periphery's style. However, it was the best cover on the soundtrack. I was really wanting to get Homefront at some point, but the soundtrack is SO Bad, I'm beginning to rethink buying it on that alone :lol: Acacia Strain's cover or Warpigs is a fucking abortion, for example. And nothing on the soundtrack gets close to good, much less awesome.

(With the exception of Periphery's song) they could just release the soundtrack on CD as a compilation album "Some of the worst new bands absolutely fucking ruin songs that you once held dear".
1 - 2 of 73 Posts
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