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They're great tuners. i'd love to get another one at some point, but i just havent got around to getting the extra $$ for it. though, if i already had a tuner pedal, i dunno. It is a strobe tuner, which is awesome for setups, and driving you insane tuning.
Big ol' +1 on that.

For regular tuning, use a regular tuner.
Preferably one that can do cents.
I have a $20 Seiko that does it. Love it.

For setups and maintenance, GOTTA have a Peterson.
Whether a stomp or a VS-II/bench unit/rack unit/software.
They RULE in this category.

If you use a Peterson for tuning your 7, esp. those with trems, you will probably drive yourself insane.
It's so deadly accurate, that you will be tuning for a very long time (depending on your level of OCD).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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