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I recently got my old Zoom MRS1068 multitrack recorder working again...the power adaptor had shorted out years ago so it was in storage.

Decided to do a short pickup comparison, just to get the hang of it again...

Sin pickups "7th Sin" n/b set (handwound by Chris Carter @ Sounds Of Sin) Vs. a Lace Deathbucker bridge Vs an EMG 81 bridge (as a reference/comparison point since everyone knows what they sound like...)

This thing (Zoom recorder) is probably 7-8 years old so it's not going to compare to stuff that's recorded using new software or Axe FX's and the, I'm fucking awful at recording anyway, never even recorded anything on a computer, ( this thing so I would'nt have to lol ) so I've kept it really simple, no backing tracks/drums/multitracking/effects, nothing but a load of gain & a touch of reverb - directly into the input socket. My playing is a bit off here and there, again, I tend to freeze up when I press the record button... :lol: :lol:

anyway...metal riffs followed by hardrock riffs, followed by slow/melodic solos'...

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