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Pickups for my RG 7421?

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I'm looking for some pickups to throw in my RG 7421. Looking to keep the price relatively low, so probably around the DiMarzio, Seymour Duncan range.

First of all how much work would it be to swap the pups out for DiMarzio's? I heard they're a direct fit and all thats required is some wiring.

This guitars probably going to be used for some progressive death metal stuff. I don't care at all about mid gain tones.

Looking for the bridge pup to nail something like this.

Basically looking for a tight (but not crazy compressed), articulate, and very crunchy sound. Less..liquid-y but more crunch, if that makes sense :lol:

For the neck pickup I'm hoping to nail something like Necrophagist's lead tone/Petrucci.

So a very liquidy, smooth, neck pup with not too much attack. However, I still want to be able to get attack if I need it and nail something like say Andy Timmons lead tone, if that's really not possible then I'd prefer a more liquid sound.

In terms of cleans, I like those super pristine cleans ala tesseract, periphery etc...and just want to avoid the boominess I get in my 707's.

The RG still has the same old basswood body.

...its a plus if they come in a variety of colours ;)

Thanks :wub:
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That's what I was thinking as the names of the pickups describe exactly what I want :lol:

Anyone tried em?
I kinda did. I had a D-Sonic/LF combo and really loved it.
I'm thinking some combination of a Crunchlab or D-Activator in the bridge and a Liquifire or D-Activator in the neck should give you what your looking for.
How much do D-activators sound like EMG's? I really want something that sounds different from them.
Route out a middle humbucker and just toss in a trio of series wired x2ns
for what you want I think the CL/LF combo is spot on
Route out a middle humbucker and just toss in a trio of series wired x2ns
I'm not really too comfortable with routing, it'd probably look like a chipmunk went at it if I tried :lol:

What about a blaze in the bridge? Are these really shitty or is Chris right?
You should also consider an Evo in the bridge. I love those things.
Yeah I just talked to Leon and I'm now thinking Evo 7 in the bridge with a LiquiFire in the neck.
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