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I don't like it.
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I forgot about this, it's now like 6 months later, and I "may" have gone a bit mental on it...

It now has an AP Racing 6pot big brake kit on the front. Which pretty much happened two months after I said i would wait.

Then I've put a square setup of 9.5j 18s on it, lightweight apex ec7s

And I might have had the engine swapped after finding out my crankshaft was damaged.

That then led me to replacing the exhaust with a miltek sports exhaust that is stupidly loud (in my defense, i salvaged it off the same car i salvaged the engine off, so it's not like i did that much research. It sounds great, but it's a "tad" loud)

Then there's a possibility heated seats and a rear blind went in.

Followed by a full stereo install...

And following on from that, I ended up doing a full airbox conversion to CSL including adding the motorized flap.

So yeah. I should have known that this would happen given my track record with guitars....

Also, it is now pretty damn loud and pretty damn fun to drive :D
I mean, you waited 2 months, that's massive self control :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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