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So I started thinking about buying an effects device to use with my bogner and
I'm debating between those 2 units.

I know most of you didnt got to try the new pod but some of you probably tried
the m13\9 units which are in the same quality fx wise.

So my thoughs are:

Pod HD pro's:

- I dont have a modeler for recordings right now and it could be cool
to have this guy around, Ia'm not hard into recordings at all but I wanted to tap
into this world for quiet a while and the pod might help to get a better guitar sounds than guitar rig.

- It has alot of effect types and has a wah which the Nova doesnt and also a looper
which is a nice thing to have too.

- It also comes stock with an expression pedal which I'll need.

Pod HD Con's:

- Might color the amp signal alot in the loop, did the m13 do that?
- Effects suppoused to be good but not great sounding.
- The 300 will cost 50$ more than the tc(I've found the tc new for 350$ on ebay).

Nova System pro's:

- Will sound really, really good.
- Has that nice analog drive although I'll probably wont find much use for it.
- Has everything I need effects wise aside of a wah.

Nove system con's:

- Lack of wah.
- Lack of expression pedal.

Your thoughts? How good does the pod's wah should sound?

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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