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Yamah steel-string and Seneca classical. The steel string's probably my most well-travelled guitar; the poor thing's beaten to shit, but has never required any major work done to it, and still sounds excellent and plays like a dream.
The classical's a pretty cheap one, but actually sounds pretty good. Logged in a lot of time on it practicing Tarrega and Sor pieces.

Tacoma 12-string. A 21st birthday gift from my parents. Usually tuned to Open C. Need to do some recordings with it... Pity Tacoma went bust, as they made some beautiful guitars.

Aria acoustic fretless. Purchased while drunk on a day out with my best friend (seriously). Blends absolutely beautifully with other acoustic instruments.

A mandolin my parents and I found in an antique shop in Belgium. Totally unplayable at first, but my dad had a guy in Brussels restore it.:)
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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