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This is the one I built... Can't find my other pics of it, no idea where I uploaded them in the past... 24.9" scale length, Honduran mahogany neck, ebony board and headcap, Englemann spruce top/bracing, bracing is very similar to Martin bracing, back and sides are bubinga, ebony/maple binding all around, ebony bridge plate, bone nut and saddle.

I really want to make a new neck for it and refinish it. I love how it sounds already, but I find I'd like it to be a little bit brighter and I'd like to extend the scale. I've already figured out what scale I need to add 2 more frets to the end. I'm thinking of going maple fretboard and neck... Tried some maple neck'd acoustics and really liked how they sounded.
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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