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hey guys, i have a PreSonus audiobox usb up for trade, its in good shape and was not used much however one of the channels gets a little wack sometimes. its a little picky as to when it wants to work correctly. the other channel is great though :lol:

i will trade this straight for a pair of cheap-o studio monitors, but if you have a nicer pair i can throw in a brand new in box x-box 360 with a few games (borderlands, GTA 4)

i have done trades on SSO with geoffreysun and Tbieber09, i also have an ebay account under the user name schectermark.

im located in elizabeth colorado and can do local deals or ship anywhere in the continental US. if you want international you pay.

i will hopefully get around to posting up some pics, but you guys know what these things look like for now :)

will send pics upon request.

NOTE: i may consider trades for other pieces of recording/studio equipment. just throw something by me:) also looking for a good effects processor.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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