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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

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That's kinda what this is Ben
I was a big fan of TSOT and WW back on the original Xbox. the third game just seemed like a God of War ripoff with the quicktime events. The cell shaded one that came out like a year and a half ago was good for a playthrough, but other than the platforming and wall climbing it wasn't much of a game.

This looks like a return to form, a cross between TSOT and WW with updated PS3/360 graphics using the Assassins Creed engine. I'm on board :yesway:
Huh, I guess the game is out tuesday. I didn't even realize it was this soon. Bonus :vince:
I really liked the cel-shaded one, it was fun :yesway: Very different game to the earlier ones, but the level design and art direction was amazing IMO.

The new one seems to have lost the interesting character design they had going for a while though which is a shame. Still, no doubt it will be a prett good game :yesway:
I agree I really liked the level design of the cell shaded one too, but the game aspect of it was weak. Too easy and the boss fights were really long and drawn out and repetitive.

I vastly prefer the Xbox/PS2 PoP games, though I was never a fan of the combat in those games. If the combat is now at least on par with Assassins Creed II, this game should be outstanding.

When I first got Ninja Gaiden back in 2004, I hated it because I couldn't get used to the control scheme and the game was just too hard for me. After playing Sands of Time for a few months, I went back to NG and just absolutely loved it.
1 - 5 of 12 Posts
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