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Hello, I am looking to start a new online collaboration... I am a guitarist who has been playing for over 7 years and am specifically looking for another guitarist to write songs/record with... I would like to start a progressive metal project that has a good combination of technical death metal, brutal death metal, jazz, classical, djent, math metal and all other sorts of interesting progressive music.

to start off heres a solid list of my main influences:

tech death:
-spawn of possession
-the faceless
-decrepit birth

brutal death:
-defeated sanity
-severed savior

-allan holdsworth
-guthrie govan (if you consider him jazz, some do, some dont)
-joe pass
-al di meola
-john mclaughlin
-tal farlow

-bela bartok
-igor stravinsky
-dmitri shostakovich
-paul hindemith
-alfred schnittke

-killtrox and the motherships

math metal:
-ephel duath
-lye by mistake
-ion dissonance
-tony danza tapdance (only III, because josh travis is a fucking beast)

other prog related influences:
-ron jarzombek (mainly spastic ink, blotted science and terrestrial exiled)
-the helix nebula
-animals as leaders
-spiral architect

So im not really trying to mash all these influences together into one sound, but this is a solid list of bands that really influence me.. if you like most of the bands on this list, then we have very similar tastes...

Some requirements:
-must have a 7 string (tuning is up in the air, we can find a tuning that we agree on most)
-must have some form instant messenger so we can send files back and forth
-must have a recording rig (doesnt have to be expensive, im simply using a fender stealthplug, cubase 5 and bunch of free VST sims)
-must either A. know a good amount of music theory or B. be a guy like bulb where you can jam out some really interesting riffs all on creativity...

I use a lot of music theory when i write (not all the time, but quite frequently), but i dont expect the other person to do the same if your good at writing riffs by feel... i just want someone who is good at writing creative original riffs

i use guitar pro 6 to write all my music, if you already have it then great, if not, then i can send you a version of via an IM service

i also program drums through guitar pro and send them to cubase via either superior drummer or EZdrummer drumkit from hell... you dont have to have know how to program drums, but it would be great if you do

Bottom line:
im looking for another guitarist who has similar influences as me who wants to write technical/progressive metal. I have a toooon of tabs of random riffs i wrote as well as bunch of completed songs in quite varied styles of metal, but i have nothing for this specific project. I actually want to start from scratch so we can find common ground as writers and so that the music is a reflection of both of us, not just one us.

if your interested, PM me or send me some tabs/recordings at [email protected]

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I've been looking for an prog online collab myself.

I don't own a 7 string and derivative djent gives prog a bad name imo, but I've been looking nonetheless.

Some of my stuff if you ever get bored:

Shadowofcreation's Channel - YouTube
Shadowofcreation's Channel - YouTube

I don't mind tech death either, I find a lot of it to be a good bit contrived and pretentious nowadays, but I grew up on a bunch of it.



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How about a slight spin on that idea? I'm trying to find people who can help me realise my brass meets metal idea. Four songs already semi fleshed out. But I'm a drummer so the guitar needs work, and I'd really like to end up with a writing partner, rather than hired gun.

I can send links if you want to hear something.
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