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Edit: SOLD, can be closed

(Note: I checked with Chris that it was okay to post this. Selling references are from 3 guitars, an amp, and a couple of pedals on Reverb:

Hi all, I am selling my PRS SE Custom 24 7 String, and figured there might be a taker here.

Reverb link (w/ more pictures):

Price: $650 incl. shipping from Maryland to continental US. I'm willing to hear offers, as well.

The guitar is fully stock except for the pickups, which are Seymour Duncan Custom (bridge) and Sentient (neck). Comes with its gig bag.

The dings and dents are:
* One tiny scratch near the area where your picking arm would rest on the side of the guitar, seen in the pictures. There is a second scratch that's smaller than the one pictured on the bottom of the lower bout (about where your leg would be when sitting and playing), which I can't get a good picture of.
* A pair of blemishes in the finish on the neck on the treble side between the nut and first fret, which is unfortunately how I received the guitar (one a very small scuff, basically invisible in the picture and probably can be buffed out entirely, while the other is the obvious discoloration/scratch on/under the clear coat). The clear coat is almost completely flat and smooth, however, so these do not affect playability.

Thanks for looking, and don't hesitate to contact me for more info/pictures or offers.

IMG_2763.jpg IMG_2766.jpg IMG_2767.jpg IMG_2770.jpg IMG_2775.jpg


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