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I love this guitar, but I'm more interested in another PRS SE Custom 24 with trem or Singlecut Trem model.

Here's the NGD thread:

$679 new. Selling for $525 shipped conus.

I'm cleaning house, so if you're interested in a bundle deal, see THIS thread.

Would prefer to sell, but I am interested in trades for trem-equipped 6 & 7-string guitars along the lines of, but not limited to, PRS, Carvin, Ibanez, Charvel, Fender, Suhr, Tom Anderson, etc . Also, Line 6 G50 wireless, M9 & M13 pedals, MXR Phase 90 & Flanger, some boutique pedals, tube amps, etc. Pretty much anything. If you have something to trade, hit me up. Worst I can do is say no.
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