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Queensryche without Geoff Tate...

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Todd sounds fucking amazing singing those Ryche tunes. As a fan since day one, I'm THRILLED to see this!
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*Queensryche without Geoff Tate and Chris DeGarmo, you mean. ;)

Dude definitely has the pipes for it, would love to see this show!
Dude sounds damn good on those early tunes!
Guy definitely sounds like Geoff. The only thing that pisses me off is that he does that damn, like, 300bpm oscillation vibrato thing; which reminds me of every Queensryche album that blew. /nitpick
Shannon/Donnie/Marco, you fuckers better go to this!

That would be cool but I got a gig on the 8th and working on the 9th.
Plus, it's in downtown Seattle. Fuck that place. :yesway: :lol:
I like that they're not calling it Queensryche.
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Jeff said:
I like that they're not calling it Queensryche.
They should've started doing that a long time ago.
I'd love to see DeGarmo return, but this is still a GREAT step in the right direction.

I kinda wish they would keep the Ryche name. I think they've earned the right to it. They've built that band from the start and though their singer doesn't want to sound like they used to, this proves that the rest of the band still does.

It's also makes for a good spring board for them to come out and get the attention of the fans who stopped caring a while ago because they weren't sounding like that anymore.
He be doing solo stuff.
He originally didn't want to join the band since he doesn't like metal, so yeah, this seems like it was a long time coming.
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This will be interesting to see, since Tate's ego has been ruining albums almost as long as his apathy has been ruining live performances.
Dude, that is eerie. Sounds just like him.
I'd definitely go see them if they do a U.S. tour.
His singing sounds awesome! But calling it "the core members of Queensrÿche" without DeGarmo and Tate - ehhh...

And why does the sample sound like it's streamed in 12 kbps?
Why is tate not there?
His Manscara has seeped into his brain, apparently. ;)

Seriously, the rest of the band (even his son-in-law, apparently) have reached the point where they hate him. His ego is completely out of control.

Dig up a Youtube of the the M3 performance - it's 4 guys who look like they'd like to be as far from Tate as possible, and there's a massive "singer ego halo" around him. Apparently pissing on the fans at Rocklahoma was the final straw, though this looks to have been in the works for a while.
Dude, that is eerie. Sounds just like him.
No kidding! I went to the site, clicked play, then went about my work. After a minute I realized my jaw had dropped. Looked back at the site to see that, indeed, this was NOT Geoff Tate singing.

If I wouldn't have read that it wasn't Geoff singing, I never would have been able to tell the difference.

This is truly exciting for me. Absolutely loved Queensryche in the late 80's/early 90's. Always had my hopes up in the past 10 years that they'd do something good again "on the next album" but have been disappointed time and time again.

If they put out an album w/this lineup, I'm pre-ordering.
Apparently pissing on the fans at Rocklahoma was the final straw, though this looks to have been in the works for a while.
I hadn't followed the drama, but wow.

They played a pretty killer set a few years ago when they were opening for Priest, but the clips from recent shows are dismal.
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