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Clearing out a few things I no longer need. All of these have had home/studio use only! This pretty much all you'd need to do at home recording/reamping with amps, and has served me well whilst I've had them!

Radial Reamp:
The reamp box with the Original Reamp circuit designed by John Cuniberti

Cosmetic wear on the top, but otherwise fully functional, these things are built like tanks!
90£ + postage

Radial JDI:
Brilliant DI box, uses a Jensen transformer and is completely linear from 10Hz to 40kHz, you can read all the rest of the blurb on the radial site

has a chip here and there in the paint, but works 100% perfectly.
110£ + shipping

Palmer PGA04
Speaker simulator and loadbox. Like the 3, but you can vary the low and high controls as well as the blend of direct signal. You can choose between "lite" (sm57) and "brown" (condensor) settings and has a switchable hi-cut

Brilliant little box, works really well for home recording and allows you to blast your amp at full tilt and the neighbours won't hear a thing!

one of the jacks on the back is damaged (got a knock, and the metal has bent on the jack only), but easily replaceable (and is one of a set of two 1/4" outputs). Ground switch works fine, and XLR output is fine (which is the one you're going to be using anyway)

150£ + shipping
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