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While the bubonic plague may have started with rats, a mutation that allowed the pneumonic plague to be spread from human to human via coughing (and could kill in 24 hours) is now seen as likely cause of the quick spread in late 1300's.

New Evidence Exonerates Rats as Bearers of Black Death - D-brief

"The London skeletons also offered a glimpse at the brutal lives of Britons in the 14th century. Most of the skeletons from the dig displayed evidence of rickets, anemia, bad teeth and malnutrition. Many had serious spinal damage, suggesting a life of excruciating manual labor. Others had upper body injuries indicating they'd been in fights.

Another kind of skeleton from the time period is however curiously absent: according to the Telegraph, the lack of rat skeletons from those years is further evidence that there weren't enough rats around to serve as the vectors for the disease."
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