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I'm in the market for my first 8-string (I played 6-strings since the mid-80's), and although I could just plop down the $2,295 for a Strandberg Metal NX 8 (my top choice, as I already own a Strandberg and love how lightweight and ergonomic it is), but since it's my first 8-string, I thought I'd get something cheaper to see how I get on with it. I mainly play metal, prog, fusion, jazz, and funk, and this 8-string is of course meant to be my djent machine for really heavy stuff (I'm saying this semi-jokingly).

The things I care the most about are:
  • Lightweight. I'm pushing 50 and I need to take it easy on my shoulders (chronic stiffness). My Strandberg weighs about 5.3 pounds, which is amazingly light, and I wish all my guitars and basses were that light. But I know Strandbergs are "unusual" in the guitar world, and I don't expect other brands to match a chambered headless design's weight. Basically, the lighter the better.
  • Coil-splitting/tapping so I can get a wider range of tones. I said it's meant to be my djent machine, but I do play other genres too.
  • Fast neck. Need to shred.
  • Easy and comfortable access to higher frets.
  • No severe fan-frets. Mild is okay. If not multi-scale, then at least longer scale since I want to do drop-E tuning.
Currently, I have my eyes on these two, but have some reservations (feel free to comment on these two, or give any other suggestions):

Ibanez Standard RG80F - That headstock is almost 6-frets long. I really don't like long headstocks, as they bash into stuff and knock things off my desk. Looks wise, it's fine. Not my favorite but not hideous either. No idea about its weight.

Schecter C-8 MS Silver Mountain - I like everything about it except for the finish (both color choices). Good thing the headstock isn't too long. No idea how much it weighs.

I guess I'm hoping for recommendations around the $1,200 range (new or used), but it's not set in stone since I can afford a Strandberg--I just don't think it's wise to buy too high-end for my first 8-string. But nothing too extravagant, like an Abasi Concept or anything—that's too expensive for me.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and helping me out!
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