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Hello there,
i am new here , so I hope basic newbie mistakes are forgiven.
I startet recording myself just trying to get in touch with all.
My equipment is basic , but when watching Youtube musicians I think it should enough :
Mac mini , Logic Pro , bough some Amps ( Fortin nameless suit ) played around with IRs, not the cheapest guitar , Steinberg UR 22

When surfing through YouTube I see 1000 of musicians with really great guitar sounds but I never see if they use any additional magic box or softwareplugins whatever .....
:D when I record my guitar it sounds more like a amp build out of a trashcan , distortion more like a electric shaver.
Even when I redo some videos from YouTube , for example " create same sound like Metallica master of puppets " I maybe come slightly close but for me it still sounds not very good .
Any good hints or maybe a long list all beginners make wrong or miss.
Any help is welcome
Greeting Freduardo
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